GWU Conference Center – Weekly Featured Project

ADI completed George Washington University’s new conference center within the four-star Four Seasons Hotel. ADI maintained an aggressive schedule while accommodating the on-going daily operations of this fully occupied established, high-end hotel. The project included a lobby, ballroom and kitchen.

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GWU Conference Center


Ben’s Chili Bowl – Weekly Featured Project

A DC Icon. Even with permit delays and a strict phasing schedule, ADI completed the project on schedule and in time for the 2009 Presidential Inauguration.

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Ben's Next Dorr

10th Street Townhomes

These three high-end town homes are located two blocks from the Washington Convention Center. The units were constructed with a masonry and precast concrete façade, 10-foot floor heights, wood and stone floors, stone countertops, stone baths, ornate balconies at two levels, on-site parking and a historic shared carriage house. The project required extensive in filling of adjacent empty lots.

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OLD_10th St Townhouse DCP02357

Approaching the finish of the US Courts

We are approaching the finish of this one of a kind project. This project of legal offices includes construction on several chambers, offices for law clerks, a hearing room and ancillary support spaces. The design incorporates the extensive use of custom millwork paneling and cabinetry. The overall appearance includes traditional elements, such as window draperies and wood wainscoting, yet incorporates a technologically advanced system within the framework.


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US Courts Award

ADI Construction was awarded the project of building new offices for three separate entities. The project includes several chambers, offices for law clerks, a hearing room and ancillary support spaces. The design incorporates varied ceiling heights in many of the featured spaces. ADI will be required to carefully coordinate the installation of all above ceiling MEP components to provide the maximum ceiling heights possible, while eliminating conflicts with the proposed lighting layout. Even before construction activity began on site, ADI was working diligently to investigate and coordinate the layout of the work of all trades to ensure that the project design intent would be successfully achieved. Each building employ finishes that are unique to their space. But all three also have common elements, the most obvious being the extensive use of custom stained millwork and paneling. The end result will be a project that will appropriately reflect the dignity of the client, with a meticulous attention to every detail. At the same time, the project will use energy-efficient lighting throughout and will incorporate green building practices.


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Ben’s Next Door

ADI renovates and expands Ben’s Next Door, a DC Icon!

The scope included the interior construction of three floors, Ben’s brand new 53-foot bar (one of the longest in DC), the kitchen, offices, and storage rooms. Even with permit delays and a strict phasing schedule, ADI completed the project on schedule and in time for the 2009 Presidential Inauguration.

Ben's Next Door

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