Weekly Featured Project: GE Imagination Room

Bethesda, MD

“Wow!” best describes this astounding pantry and lounge area of GE’s “Imagination Room”. The superb design utilizes varying elevations and shapes in the floating ceilings, as well as bold colors and unique lighting. A more technical part of the project is the sophisticated audio/visual system.

To view more: http://adigc.com/projects_corporate_GE.html

GE Imagination Room



Newly Finished Project: Watkins Meegan

Vienna, VA

ADI completed the renovation of an existing office interior space for the new offices of Watkins Meegan in Tysons Corner. Walking into the reception area of this space, the project highlights an illuminated, undulating wall, as well as panels of color changing lights lining the opposite wall. A cavart, low profile storefront system was used throughout the space. ADI worked closely with several proprietary vendors to ensure the project was delivered to the client on time, even while overcoming delays caused by the backlog of fire protection submittals by the county.

To view more: http://www.adigc.com/projects_corporate_watkinstysons.html

Watkins Meegan

Newly Finished Project: FCI Federal

Ashburn, VA

ADI coordinated the construction of a new custom office space for FCI Federal. This project features open and cloud ceiling elements, and multiple clerestory windows throughout the interior offices that allow natural light to penetrate through the majority of the space. With a major design change consideration in the middle of this project that stalled construction, the project was able to remain on time per the original schedule.

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FCI Federal


Newly Finished Project – Front Point Security Elevator Lobby

Vienna, VA

ADI Construction completed the renovation of the elevator lobby on the 7th Floor for Front Point Security, after finishing the renovation of their full floor suite. This space included a re-haul of the vaulted dome sky light, as well as the installation of an intricate tile floor pattern to create movement and openness in the small area. LED lights were installed above a two panel television for waiting personnel, clients, and visitors that showcases their new space before entering the updated work area.

To view more: http://www.adigc.com/projects_capital_frontpointlobby.html

Front Point Security Elevator

Eighth Day Design Office – Weekly Featured Project

ADI completed this office renovation for Eighth Day Design’s new space. A conversion of a previous lawyer’s office into a modern, open floor plan for these architects. This project was under a tight schedule, which included the tenant moving into the space after two weeks of construction and continuing daily work operations through project completion.

To view more: http://www.adigc.com/projects_corporate_edd.html

Eighth Day Design Offices